IN 1922 supporters and friends of Heart of Midlothian created a unique memorial to the singular sacrifice of the football club in the Great War. The Haymarket clocktower has become an Edinburgh landmark, an abiding symbol of Remembrance and a fundamental part of the identity of the neighbourhood it has graced these past 86 years.

The City of Edinburgh Council has proposed uprooting the Memorial in order to undertake work in connection with the new Tramway. The Council further proposes to remove the Memorial permanently to an obscure (and historically meaningless) site, almost a mile away, in Atholl Crescent.

The builders of the Memorial placed it at Haymarket to be seen. They placed it there proudly as a tangible expression of their unimaginable grief. It occupies a prominent position in one of Scotland’s busiest road junctions and is a daily reminder of what Wilfred Owen called ‘the pity of war’. In a recent document the Council itself described the clocktower as ‘iconic’ and ‘integral to the Haymarket area’.

The ‘Friends of the Heart of Midlothian War Memorial’ is an independent group, formed to oppose the Atholl Crescent proposal, to defend the Memorial and to ensure that on completion of the necessary work the Memorial is returned to its natural home - beside the familiar buildings that have always formed its backdrop.

Last year the Council proposed the shifting of the Memorial to a new paved area in front of Ryrie’s Bar (see the image on the opening page of this site) - only yards from its original 1922 location. We urge the Council to adopt this solution and we pledge to assist in fundraising to realise this most honourable of outcomes.

In the aftermath of the war to end all wars the Hearts ‘family’, together with their many friends across the world, created something magnificent. In 2008, the 90th anniversary of the Armistice, we ask that same family (and anyone else who is interested) to rekindle that same proud spirit of Remembrance.

The old clock needs your help.

Please contact your local councillor or sign our online petition here.

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